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Activities and Environment of the Hotel Port del Comte 1730

The Hotel Port del Comte 1730 is located at the foot of the slopes of the Port del Comte ski resort, located in the Vall de Lord, in the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees. It is the perfect location to enjoy the multiple activities that the station offers us and get to know both the towns and their local festivals.

Skiing in Port del Comte

The ski resort has 50 km of ski slopes and 37 slope slopes designed for all levels, with a total of 7 green slopes, 11 blue, 13 red, 7 black and 1 cross-country circuit. They are divided into 2 different areas:

The Port 1730 Hotel area, which has most of the most affordable slopes, as well as all the necessary services such as equipment rental, restaurant/cafe, medical center, etc.

The “Estivella” area, which has the most difficult slopes and a spectacular atmosphere of isolation in the middle of nature.

Sports activities at the Hotel Port del Comte 1730

You can enjoy a wide variety of activities and sports to do and explore at the Station Port del Comte.

  • Excursions and routes: They can be done both on foot and by mountain bike, where we can enjoy the mountains and their natural environment.
  • Snowshoe excursions: Four marked circuits ideal for mountaineering or climbing with fun snowshoes.
  • Adventure Park: A forest circuit in which you will have to move from tree to tree along walkways, monkey bridges, zip lines, nets, etc.
  • Tubbies and Snake Gliss: A giant slide of more than 150 meters of mountain where you can go down on giant floats or tires.

And we cannot forget to go through the “Llosa del cavall”, where we can do Kayak, Fishing, Bungee jumping and Paddle surf or Scooter.

You also have other activities to try in the Vall de Lord, such as: mountain walking excursions due to its rather flat terrain, bike routes for all levels, visit a center MTB which has 9 signposted routes through the mountain, climbing, the popular and emblematic ascension to the “Pedraforca”, speleology through the natural underground caves, fly in paragliding or tandem, learn about the more than 50 native species in the Pyrenees Zoo, etc. 

Cultural tourism in the Vall de Lord

La Vall de Lord is a small valley, located in Solsonès, surrounded by an incredible landscape full of nature, mountains, forests and rivers. The valley includes the municipalities of:

Sant Llorenç de Morunys, one of the most important towns in the Solsonès region. It preserves its medieval structure formed by an old walled core in the shape of a pentagon and the Monastery.

The Coma and the Stone, two population centers that form a single municipality surrounded by fountains and oak groves. It has an important cultural and recreational heritage thanks to its numerous Romanesque churches and the Port del Comte ski resort.

Guixers, the municipality with the largest area of territory in the valley, with a large number of small Romanesque churches spread throughout. We can find several farmhouses, forests and the Llosa del Cavall reservoir.

Here are some of the most notable places in these locations, where you can enjoy various views and perspectives of the Vall de Lord. A beautiful set of nature, culture and history that you cannot miss:

  • Lord's Sanctuary (Sant Llorenç de Morunys): It is located at the top of the Mola de Lord (1,150 m.). Although the current sanctuary dates from the s. XIX, there is evidence from the s. x.
  • Romanesque bridge of Vallonga (Sant Llorenç de Morunys)
  • Cardener Fountains (La Coma i la Pedra): Located in the municipality of La Coma i La Pedra, they are the point where the Cardener River is born.
  • Puda Fountain (La Coma i la Pedra): It is a source of cold sulphurous waters due to the underground dissolution of gypsum veins.
  • Church of Sant Serni de la Pedra (La Coma i la Pedra): We begin to have reference to it in the s. IX.
  • Hermitage of Santa Creu dels Ollers (Guixers)
  • Sant Serni del Grau Hermitage (Guixers): Also known as “de Vilamantells”, it is a Romanesque hermitage from the 16th century. XI in the middle of forests and fields.
  • Sanctuary of Sta. Maria de Puig-Aguilar (Guixers)
  • Codó Viewpoint (Guixers): It is an ideal point to enjoy the landscape and the curious shapes of the mountains that make up the Vall de Lord.
  • Pont Quebradís (Guixers): It is a natural bridge formed by travertines and that the waters of the Valls river have been undermining.

Popular Festivals and Local Gastronomy

The Vall de Lord and its surroundings offer us a unique environment in which to get lost and have a good time in one of its many popular festivals. The best known and acclaimed by both local people and tourists are:

  • Sant Llorenç Festival, a major festival full of activities, music and shows.
  • Lord Festival MTB Valley, every year one of the circuits of the international BTT Catalan Cup takes place in the Vall de Lord, normally having Sant Llorenç de Morunys as its starting point.
  • Patum Festival, the most emblematic Corpus Christi festival in Catalonia. In 2005 it was declared by UNESCO as Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.
  • Drap Piteu Fair, a cultural and recreational weekend to remember the medieval past. A craft market set in ancient times is held within the old town of Sant Llorenç. 

These are just some of the many celebrations that take place in the Vall de Lord. They are the perfect times to get to know its culture and its people, and enjoy the fairs and competitions, full of joy, good atmosphere and food. 

And it is that the local gastronomy It is wonderful, based on local and seasonal products, such as mushrooms. Among the exclusive dishes and delicacies of the area we can find:

  • Sausages, such as donegal, fuet, butifarra or sausage
  • Cottage cheese and fresh cheese, made with pasteurized sheep, goat or cow milk

Live an unforgettable experience in Port del Comte

Discover one of the most charming towns in the Catalan Pyrenees with Hotel Port del Comte.

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