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Hotel Port 1730,
a hotel for cyclists

We are bike friendly hotel


A hotel equipped and prepared for your trip

At Port 1730 we have all the facilities and services for different types of bikers. Live an unforgettable mountain bike experience with Bikefriendly Tracks and Port 1730. The perfect combination of cycle tourism, gastronomy and culture.

Bike friendly accommodation

Bikefriendly establishment, with adapted facilities (bike racks, auto repair shop and washing area) to accommodate amateur or semi-professional cyclists in groups or individually.

Special facilities for the amateur or elite cyclist:

  • Locked bike parking
  • Auto-Workshop of Mechanics and cleaning
  • Electric bike loading area
  • Cardio-healthy products at the buffet
  • Special offers for cyclists
  • Early Breakfast (on request)
  • Late check-out (on request)
  • Comfortable rooms (for 1, 2 or more 4 people)
  • Breakfast, snacks, lunches and dinners.

What do we offer our cyclists?

In Port 1730, together with Track Bike friendly, it provides you with all the information and assistance you need.

  • Bicycle Routes and Trails: The journey is followed using a GPS tracking system. We provide technical details of each stage, a detailed map of the route, as well as useful information and advice during the days of the route.

  • Mechanical Support: We offer you an assistance service in case of setbacks during the tour.

  • Luggage Transportation: For greater comfort, we recommend you hire this service. The cost will depend on the number of people and the stages covered by the route.

  • Provisions: During all stages, you will pass through one or more villages where you can stop for food and water. However, you can also choose to hire the provision service.

  • Philosophy: This is a self-guided and non-competitive itinerary, where the most important thing is to enjoy the route and its surroundings.

  • Difficulty level: You decide the intensity according to your physical level and your interests.

Live an unforgettable experience in Port del Comte

Discover one of the most charming towns in the Catalan Pyrenees with Hotel Port del Comte.

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